I understand that as military significant others we are never ready for our soldier to deploy and that we are going to be torn up and worried, but when I see girlfriends, fiances and spoues post about how they are ANGRY at the fact that their soldier wants to deploy, that just pisses me off.

Of course they want to go!  It’s not that they are wanting to get away from you, (if that’s the case you have way bigger problems on your hands) it’s just that this is exactly what they have trained for. If your SO signs up for the military, THEY WANT TO DEPLOY. They want to put their skills to use!

It’s like you going to school for nursing, for years and then you never actually get to be a nurse. Or someone going to school for teaching and putting all of their time and effort into it and then when they’re done, they get a job at McDonalds. They want to put their skills to use. Why would they want it to be a waste? Why would they be away from you, their family, their friends, if they didn’t do what they were trained to do?

As a milso, our duty is to back up and support our soldiers. They know that its going to be rough on us when they leave, but we need to support them. If you don’t understand and realize that there is a good chance that they’re going to deploy... then you have a lot to learn, and you’re clearly not mentally prepared for a relationship like this.

Please back them up. Don’t make them feel guilty. I know its hard, but this is what they want to do, they would back us up if we wanted to do something.

Do not be mad at them for wanting to deploy. Love them, support them and deal with it as it comes.



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