Our Men...Our Soldiers...Our Hero's...Our Military Relationships...

So here’s the thing… PEOPLE JUDGING OUR MILITARY RELATIONSHIPS, NEED TO STOP!  There is already soo many people out there trying to tear us down, we all just need one person to be like “Hey, I’m here for you! and I totally support your relationship!” A person like that would be my best friend.  Anyway, unless you’re in a military relationship, you just don’t get it!!!!!

For us... well at least for me, I feel like my S/O being gone doesn’t hold us back, I miss him... don’t get me wrong and I would love to be going on more dates with him and such, because as I’ve said, when he left we had only gone on a few, but, at the same time I have such a great respect for him and what he does. Like I said, I would love for him to be here but I can wait. Most people don’t understand that, they don’t see the beauty of a Military Relationship. But, if your in love and treated properly what does it matter what career your boyfriend or girlfriend has. And I do understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I do respect that but there also is somethings you just DON’T say..

The thing is it’s soo easy to judge someone when you don’t understand what their doing, but the thing is we support our men, and our military. We don’t let the distance change our feelings about someone, we just hold on tighter.  For me I may not get all the dates that I’d like… and call me crazy but I love all my Skype dates.  I don’t know but I just think that we, as Military S/O’s have got to be some of the strongest people I know (besides our military men and women, of course). We wait for months or even years for a hug, a kiss, the first touch. We wait to hold them, for them to hold us and we hold on like hell to what we have, we just don’t accept failure, or giving up. We stay strong. We go out with our friends and their boyfriends and we stay there alone thinking about our guys. And we may not always get to talk to them but that doesn’t change anything either.

...and know that no matter what, no matter the distance, they love us, think about us and care about us as much as we do them.

Stay Strong<3


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