People really just need to lay the fuck off other peoples relationships...if its not yours!
Why worry about it?  They need to worry about their own lives and relationships!!!!

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Hope you are okay Maylen!  I know people and even family members can get overly involved and wrapped up in other peoples business and relationships, and it's not good.  I'm here if you need anything.  

I haven't seen you on or around for awhile Maylen and I pray everything is okay with you and your man.  Hopefully you both have worked things out.  Login when you get a chance with some updates.  

I agree with you on this post and know exactly what you mean!!!!!!!!!  I've had this same crap happen with people, friends and even family members horning in with BS to interfere with our relationship, when they should be ironing out their own issues and crap going on in their lives!!

Anyway ignore these trouble makers and move past them, we're stronger and beyond their lives of nothing better to do!  I also think it may be smart to quit talking to these type of people and focus on positive people and especially our s/o's they are the ONLY one that matters anyway!!!!



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