I really hate how military life and relationships are portrayed online.  It isn't just cute pictures of military s/o's and their soldiers in uniform.  It isn't babies wearing their father's dogtags and draped in a flag.  It isn't all camo, cute sayings and photo shoot pictures.  It isn't homecoming pictures and videos, it isn't surprise flowers at your doorstep, it isn't how horny you are and how you miss him so much and all the sex you will have for months once he's back home.  It isn't proposals and beautiful weddings.

So military s/o's wonder why so many women go after military men?!?  Because you do nothing but constantly talk about how perfect military guys are, how hot and sexy they are and how perfect your relationships are.

There is so much more that people do NOT see!  The missed Skype dates, missed calls, PTSD, injuries, suicides and all the times of separations and being alone.  It's not pleasant to think about, but this is our reality and no one wants to talk about it.



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Great post Jessica, this really puts some perspective on things!



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