This was on Pinterest this morning and thought it was an interesting choice.

Which job is the hardest?... Which one do you agree with?  and why?



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This is a tough one to answer!  It's hard being a military parent too!!!   

Military wife: the toughest job in the military... really???  Women who think this are messed up. Yes missing them is hard but they’re doing that on top of having to do whatever job they have in the military.  So get over yourself!

Okay this is COMING from a “milso”.  We do not have the hardest most emotional jobs.

Taking care of things at home is hard sometimes. Especially if you have children and a job, I’m not denying that. Juggling everything can be hard. You have your rough days and stressful days, and then you have your good days. But being a wife or girlfriend can not even COMPARE to what our soldiers do. So what we do is harder then lugging around guns and gear in the hot sun in full gear? Missing our husbands compares to the PTSD that some of our men come home with? Our jobs are more emotional then what they have to see and go through? Losing their friends in front of them?!  No way.

What we do is tough sometimes and it can be emotional. But to say that we have it the HARDEST? and the most EMOTIONAL? I'd say NOT.  Or guess you could say it's on a totally different scale. 

Proof that MilSo’s don’t “have it harder”. We may sit at home, worrying and waiting while they are deployed, but they work their ass off for days in a row without sleep, worrying about us AND their own life, all while waiting too.

This quote will help get you through deployment. Knowing that we aren't the only one counting down the days lifts a huge weight off our shoulders because we know they can’t wait to see us, either.




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