Every Day Should Be Memorial Day!

As much as I love Memorial Day; The nation shouldn't take just one day to nationally remember those who sacrificed everything so we could have everything.

I salute you all...and you're always remembered!

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Comment by Pledge4Patriots on May 28, 2012 at 12:53pm
CALLING ALL PATRIOTS: Today starts the busiest travel day of the year. As we reflect on our driving destinations, the mindset should be given to the driver, to reflect on the reason why this Monday is so special. Known as Decoration Day, primarily about the Civil War, yet during our 20th Centruy, we now commemorate ALL PATRIOTS, whom died for the cause. Even though it marks the start of summer, it also brings us families, friends and a strong REASON to visit the ones that are gone, hug the ones that are still here, and share something special with our First Responders, Active Military, Veterans & museums. Help a needy person!!


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